When to Hire a Mold Removal Company in Reno

Mold for Reno homeowners can be a serious problem, and it doesn’t take much for mold to spread through a building. It can be tempting to perform mold removal yourself, but there are times when you should leave this job to the professionals. Here are examples of those times.

After a FloodFloodwaters permeate deep into structures, and this means that mold growth can occur out of sight in hard to reach areas. Mold removal specialists know where to look for mold. If you try to clean everything after a flood, chances are high that you won’t be able to dry everything out before mold starts growing behind walls, on sub flooring and in crevices. Mold removal companies have special equipment and use the right cleaning methods to ensure the structure is safely free of mold.Black Toxic Mold

All molds have the potential to cause health problems, but some species of mold, such as black toxic mold, contain neurotoxins called mycotoxins that can damage the nervous system. Only professional mold removal companies, who know how to complete the job safely and completely, should always remove these kinds of molds. This kind of mold removal requires special safety equipment, containment and ventilation systems to keep mycotoxin exposure at a minimum during the cleanup process.

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Persistent Musty Odors

If you have cleaned all visible mold and used antifungal cleaners, yet a musty odor remains, it usually means mold is still lurking in the home somewhere. Hire a mold removal company to discover the source and take care of it. Mold can thrive anywhere that is damp and out of direct sunlight. Crawlspaces, attics, ductwork are common places for hidden mold growth. Contact the Reno mold removal company for more information on our services.

Unnoticed Leaks

If you have had a leak that went unnoticed for a while, mold growth is very likely. The more time has passed since the leak began, the more likely it is that mold has spread. Mold produces spores, and when you have mold actively growing in your home, you will have an abundance of them. These create areas of new mold growth wherever they land if conditions are right. Mold removal companies can bring professional accuracy in determining where mold might lurk in your home.

If someone is Allergic or Ill

If you or anyone else in your Reno home is allergic to mold or suffers from any chronic illness, it is best to leave mold removal in the hands of professionals. Cleaning mold safely is a special process. It needs to be done in ways that don’t stir up spores and which remove the mold thoroughly.

Don’t underestimate mold’s ability to take root again if it isn’t fully removed and the spores killed. It takes so little for mold to grow, but if you hire a mold removal company, you will have more peace of mind.


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